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New Findings from Diabetes and Breathing Research

Guided slow breathing for any type of diabetes will reduce stress in just a few minutes. Our 28 day program has shown an average reduction in stress levels by 44%. Join us to improve your diabetes resilience level and find calm and control in your day to day life.

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Scientific evidence on how and why slow breathing can help people with diabetes

Eddie Stern, MSc., founder and CEO of Breathing App, 
and Nick Heath, Ph.D., head of research at Breathing App.
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“Would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone with diabetes - taking the time to focus on breathing has been invaluable. The breathing exercises have really helped me manage my stress and anxieties. And even my healthcare team have commented positively on it at my last appointment”

Sara Calder
Type 1


“I was surprised that this app has taken lots of scientific material into the design of the practice. It assures that slow breathing is backed with science. The slow breathing practice can easily fit into every one’s daily routine. This practice help me achieve tangible result in stress reduction.”

Farshid Azimi
Type 2


“For me, the combination of the science AND practice has been pivotal. Being an engineer, understanding the why behind the how is key. The benefits I’ve felt from just a few minutes of practice over the course has been life-changing, and I believe everyone would greatly benefit from the course.”

Z. Doll


“I am becoming calmer and less anxious. I can see my blood sugar numbers are better. I checked my A1C, its now 6.5 from 7. I am sure I can control diabetes with this app.”

Type 2


“After a month of taking 15-20 minutes a day to slow my breathing down I am seeing noticeable improvements. I am able to use this in times when I might get anxious and ultimately believe doing this before I go to bed has enabled me to get better sleep as my heart rate variability is noticeably better.”

John Lynch
Type 1


“Using this app came along when I was both working hard to manage my blood sugar with lifestyle changes and dealing with a number of non-diabetic stressful situations. I was coincidentally monitoring stress via apps that tracked heart rate variability and tracking blood sugar with a GCM. The numbers don’t lie; the TBA for Diabetes app program helped manage stress related blood sugar spikes.”

John Bell
Type 2


“The Breathing App for Diabetes is all you need for a deep dive in breathing and mindfulness and a tool for changing your whole life for the better. The sessions are well researched, motivating, and so helpful and I really enjoyed the weeks of practicing. The course gave me an everyday habit I'm looking forward every day.”


Who is this for?

The webinar is for you if...

You have to deal with stress and anxiety

By stimulating the calming parasympathetic nervous system, slow breathing reduces stress and anxiety in as little as 5 minutes.

Experience decrease in baseline energy levels and quality of sleep

Slow breathing can change the baseline function of the nervous system toward a calmer state, helping you lower everyday stress levels and sleep deeper.

At risk of cardio-vascular complications or elevated blood pressure

Slow breathing can lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, and enhance heart rate variability, all of which are critical to maintaining healthy cardiovascular function.

You would like to see firsthand how slow breathing can affect your blood sugar levels.

Long-term use of slow breathing and relaxation can improve blood sugar regulation through holistic improvements in stress management, emotional regulation, and physical health.
How does it work?

Our users showed an overall 
44% reduction of stress in 28 days

Slow breathing is the quickest way to “flip the switch” and restore balance to your cardiovascular, autonomic, and respiratory systems. Slow breathing supports the management of stress which can have profound benefits for diabetes symptoms and day-to-day life.
Meet Your Instructors

Eddie Stern, MSc

Founder & CEO of Breathing App

Eddie Stern is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Breathing App for Diabetes, the first app that helps people with diabetes lower their stress levels. Eddie is an author, lecturer, and certified yoga instructor with over 35 years of experience.

Nick Heath, PhD

Head of Research at Breathing App

Dr. Nick Heath has type 1 diabetes and serves as the Head of Research for The Breathing App for Diabetes.  Nick holds a Ph.D. in atmospheric science and has spent the past seven years applying his background in science to study the effects of slow breathing on diabetes.


Science Shows
Why It Works

How long is the webinar?

The webinar is a four-part series, and each one will be 45 minutes long, with time for questions at the end.

Can I watch it again on replay, and for how long after?

The webinar will be available on our website for replay for one month.

Does the webinar come with a free subscription to the app?

No, the subscription to the app is separate from the webinar. The first webinar is free for everyone, and the following three webinars are available only to subscribers of the Breathing App for Diabetes.

I already have the Breathing App, how is this different?

The Breathing App for Diabetes is a 28-day course focused on stress management for people living with diabetes, along with their family, loved ones, health care providers, yoga teachers, breathwork teachers, and anyone involved in diabetes care. The app includes short, bite-sized science lessons, breathing practices, mindfulness practices, and deep relaxation practices. The original Breathing App only guides the user in resonant frequency breathing.